Julian Kannigan

Julian Kannigan
UK Investment Principal

Julian Kannigan assumed the role of Investment Principal at A1 Capital in 2008.

Julian has come on board specifically to improve operations, practice due diligence and facilitate discussions in order to secure strategic investments in the United Kingdom. Julian was the head of the turnaround strategist team who was responsible for the asset acquisition of London School of Business Studies (LCIBS).

Before he joined A1 Capital, Julian served as the Group Chief Legal Officer of Educor Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Here he spearheaded critical business functions by finalising contracts, assessing and analysing business risks, and overseeing all legal matters and issues. He played a dynamic professional role within which he was responsible for strategic business growth on a national and international level, along with negotiating and finalising business agreements.

Julian is a detail-orientated, business-minded individual who is also a keen negotiator. His eye for identifying potential business opportunities and ability to procure business agreements will help drive the purpose and function of A1 Capital forward.

Julian holds a B.Proc and qualifications in Strategy: Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage and Strategic Negotiations: Deal making for the Long Term from Harvard Business School. The Harvard faculty recognised Julian’s negotiation expertise and presented him with the Best Negotiator award.