Louise Nair

Louise Nair
Investment Principal

Louise Nair joined A1 Capital in 2015 as a Senior Investment Principal. She is responsible for acquisition efforts, maintaining deal structure, due diligence and providing leadership direction for various turnaround ventures with diverse investments.

Prior to joining A1 Capital, Louise served as the Group Chief Executive Officer at Educor Holdings. Together with her strong financial background, she was responsible for the turnaround management and reorganisation that has led to its financial success today. She has held various positions in the financial sector, from Chief Financial Officer and Financial Manager, to Treasury and Tax Accountant. She has a proven track record of directing the total scope of financial portfolios and capital restructuring of diverse investments.

Within the business environment, Louise is experienced at translating strategic thoughts into practical, attainable business objectives. She is a proactive leader and a self-motivated, high-energy team player, with the skills and expertise to communicate with investors at all levels.

Louise is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is presently reading for her Masters in Corporate Law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.